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Chicago Bears vs New York Jets: Monday Night Football Pre-Party Open Thread

Monday Night Football is here! Join us as we prepare for the Bears to take on the Jets in a primetime contest.

Jeff Gross

It's finally about time for some Monday Night Football that we care about. The Bears are in New Jersey to take on the Jets with a lot at stake. The Lions victory against the Packers put them at 2-1 on top of the division, and that pushes the Packers to 1-2, meaning the Bears can get a game on the Packers and stay tied for the division lead.

The Jets have a fierce blitzing attack, from any direction, any angle, and with any person, including subbing in a wide receiver and sending him on a blitz. But if the Bears can either get some time or get Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery a couple steps, the Bears' air game can do some damage against a relatively weaker secondary.


The Bears made a minor roster move today, promoting linebacker Terrell Manning from the practice squad just in time for today's game. To make room, the Bears waived Josh Bellamy, meaning there must be some faith in Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery to be healthy.

Some WCG linkage for you in preparation:

Kev's got 5 Questions with Gang Green Nation's David Wyatt about the game and to pick up some Jets knowledge.

Les asks you if you have confidence in last year's nickel cornerback Isaiah Frey stepping up under emergency duty.

Sam talks about keeping up with the Joneses - or the Lions(es?) - in his Monday piece.

Here's the injury report, my six keys, as well as how you can follow the game (spoilers, it's on ESPN).

I even tried to do some fantasy advice! And of course, here's the PTMY.

Here's Ronkowski's playbook look and Lester's Sackwatch, if your X's and O's need some attention.

This is your gathering thread for today's MNF contest; I'll update some WCG linkage in here in a second, but check out the recently-updated and always awesome Bears Den for some game previews and other stuff from other non-WCG writers (and even some audio from Les!).


Sam and I will be doing some bonus livestreaming content for your listening pleasure; we're aiming for a 5:30 PM CT start, but we may delay a few minutes. If you want to comment, ask a question, etc., there are a couple ways to go about that:

We'll go from 5:30 PM until about 7 PM CT, just in time for kickoff. See you guys then.

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