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NFL Power Rankings: Are the 2-1 Chicago Bears moving up or down?

Each week we'll take a trip around the interwebs to see where the "others" are ranking the Chicago Bears in their NFL Power Rankings.


The Chicago Bears have won two in a row on the road so they'll surely be moving up in the Power Rankings. Won't they?

We'll start our peek at their rankings with the Big Kahuna themselves, SB Nation. They have the Bears holding steady at #11.

The Bears put on another solid offensive showing against a strong defensive front, beating Rex Ryan and the New York Jets.

I had to take a double take at the Mile High Report. There was no shot at Jay Cutler this week! They even gave the Bears their proper respect by moving them up six to seven overall.

Two impressive road wins by the Chicago Bears have made them the true contenders of the NFC North early. The defense looks good in the red zone and this team is definitely one to be reckoned with right now. However, part of me feels the same way about Jay Cutler and the Bears as I do about Andy Dalton and the Bengals. They are peaking early, but these last two wins were quality wins in hostile environments on national television. That's getting it done.

EDIT: As was pointed out to me in the comment section, MHR did work in a couple shots at Jay Cutler!

It's time to throw out that bullcrap story of Cam Newton suddenly maturing last year. He proved yet again that when the chips are down he pouts. In fact, I think he pouts harder than Jay Cutler AND THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING!

If I had to put money on either Jay Cutler or Matthew Stafford over one to beat the other for the NFC North, I'd take Cutler. That's how much I think of Stafford's ability to play good football teams. They both love throwing off their back foot, but Cutler seems to have the few extra weapons necessary to turn those poor decisions into wins.

It's nice to know that a broken clock is right twice a day and the Mile High Report is still suffering from Jilted Lover Syndrome.

Cincy Jungle gave the Bears a slight bump up to 16th from 18th last week.

Nice win on Monday night, but the injuries are piling up for Chicago.

Yeah, those injuries could be troublesome.

Let's take a look where Bleeding Green Nation has Chicago.

8) Chicago Bears (LW: 10) - As I said last week, I've been bullish on the Bears and it's paid off. Two straight weeks with a tough road win. Not too shabby.

Would you believe that the Shutdown Corner from Yahoo Sports actually moved the Bears down?

13. Chicago Bears (2-1, LW: 12)
Their best player on Monday night was the opposing quarterback.


Pete Prisco of CBS Sports also has the Bears going down after two consecutive road wins. He moved the Bears down 3 to #12.

Winning consecutive primetime games on the road is really impressive. The defense is getting better.

Well not that impressive apparently...

The Bears are in the top 10 according to Fanspeak.

8. Chicago Bears:

The Bears went on the road these past two weeks to get to 2-1, and they look like the cream of that division right now. The scary thing is they could get even better once Alshon Jeffery and Brandon Marshall are 100%. Jay Cutler is playing mistake free football and it is paying off in Chicago.

At some point the O has to get healthy, right?

The Bears are also #8 according to

Nice road win, even if it looked like neither team wanted it there for a while. Not sure how many of you are on LinkedIn ... but if you know any defensive backs looking for work, pass their profiles along to the Bears' coaching staff, because they are seriously hurtin' for some healthy bodies. My intuition tells me Marc Trestman is more of a Myspace guy.

Has this guy ever seen Marc Trestman? Does he remember how gaudy Myspace was?

Trestman isn't a Myspace guy.

Last week ESPN kicked off Brandon Marshall's week on a sour note, but this week they move the Bears up 3 to #8.

Ryan Mundy beat Chris Johnson to the end zone for a pick-six Monday. Since 2010, the Bears have returned 19 interceptions for touchdowns, six more than the next closest team.

What are your thoughts on the Power Rankings this week?