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OSS: Bears Bricked - Jared Allen

Jared Allen will get his first sack of the season (and as a Bear) this Sunday at Solder Field, when he takes on Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.

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Due to recent changes on Skreened, I will no longer be putting up my designs up for sale on their website. That said, Society6 will now act as my one-stop vendor for all prints including t-shirts, hoodies, wall art, coffee mugs, iphone/ipad cases, shower curtains, throw rugs and much more.

This design will be posted shortly, and others will be put up as I can get to them. Apologies in advance, and thanks for the understanding.

Have a creative idea for a Bears-related photoshop and/or illustration? Send me an email and let me know your ideas. If they pass through and get published, you'll get credit in the post.

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