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Week 4 Thursday Night Football open thread: New York Giants at Washington

One of these two teams is going to be last in the NFC East after tonight's game. Which will it be?

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Just like that, it's week 4.  Tonight's Thursday Night clash sees two NFC East rivals battling as the 1-2 New York Giants travel to face Washington, also 1-2, to see who gets to be bottom of the division.

Washington are coming off a tough 34-37 road loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, despite Kirk Cousins' 427 yards through the air for 3 TDs and a 103.4 passer rating.  Speaking of Kirk Cousins, head coach Jay Gruden isn't ruling out the possibility that he could remain the starter even after Robert Griffin's return from injury, despite the team having traded three first-round and one second-round draft pick to move up for the latter.

Also, South Park moves with the news...

Meanwhile, the G-Men are coming off a 30-17 home win against the Houston Texans behind Rashad Jennings's 176 yards on the ground and Eli Manning deciding to throw the ball to Victor Cruz.  It seemed to work, as he finished with two TDs, a 123.2 passer rating, and didn't get picked for the first time in eight games.

From a Bears' perspective, the Giants lost (badly) to the Detroit Lions in their season opener, while Washington travel to face the Minnesota Vikings in week 9; aside from that, obviously they're both rivals within the NFC.

This could be quite a high-scoring game, featuring as it does a clash between two of the league's leading rushers (Rashad Jennings is third with 286 rushing yards; Alfred Morris fourth with 253) and QBs coming off 100+ passer rating games slinging it to the likes of Cruz and DeSean Jackson, so the big question is: How many penalties for head-to-head hits will Brandon Meriweather rack up?

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Have fun, and follow Steven Schweickert's instructions to open thread responsibly.