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Fantasy matchup: Sammy Watkins vs Chicago Bears defense

With the Chicago Bears defense reeling from historically bad 2013 season, can they slow down the Bills' rookie wide receiver Sammy Watkins?

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Are you tired of hearing about the Chicago Bears awful 2013 defense?  Most fans are, but until the 2014 season kicks off, no matter how many changes the Bears made in the offseason matters, we will still have that hanging over our shoulders.

With the type of offense Chicago will be fielding, it is not a stretch to think that simply an average defense would be enough to launch the Bears into a significant playoff run, but until we see it, we just won't know.

Fast-forward to Week 1 of the 2014 NFL season, and the Bears kick off against the Buffalo Bills at Soldier Field. As enticing as it would be to call this game a gimme, we know better.

And who better to play spoiler to a home game-opener than a rookie wide receiver?

From a sheer statistical/ fantasy angle, how do you think Sammy Watkins will do against a rebuilt Chicago Bears defense?

We'll set a couple over/unders... Let us know what you think.

O/U yards: 100.5

O/U touchdowns: 1.5

O/U yards after catch: 30.5

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