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Mr. Consistency: Bears linebacker Lance Briggs

GMC and Marshall Faulk asked who each team's most consistent player is. We picked Lance Briggs for the Bears.

Jonathan Daniel

The exit of Jerry Angelo, and Lovie Smith a year later, signaled a huge turn of the page in the Chicago Bears history books, and with the new regime of Phil Emery and Marc Trestman comes big changes.

The offense was almost completely overhauled, the offensive line was rebuilt, and the defense is continuing to evolve after dominating for the better part of a decade.

Among all of the changes, when Marshall Faulk asked who each team's most consistent player is, we felt very comfortable going with linebacker Lance Briggs.

Briggs was the quiet student under future Hall of Famer Brian Urlacher for many season, turning in solid seasons year after year. When Urlacher left the team, Briggs stepped up to captain a defense that was looking for a new leader.  There were a few veterans left on the roster, but Briggs was one of the most respected.

In 11 years with Chicago, Briggs averages 75-100 tackles per season, has been to seven Pro Bowls, and is a multi-year All-Pro.

Playing the weakside linebacker spot doesn't always translate to sideline-to-sideline opportunities, but Briggs consistently shows his range in pursuit of the ball carrier.

Here's to 2014's Mr. Consistent, Lance Briggs. Here's to an injury-free, solid season.

Who else could be considered the Bears most consistent player?

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