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Chicago Bears injury update: High Ankle Sprain For Roberto Garza and Matt Slauson

The Chicago Bears' players were dropping at an alarming rate yesterday. Two offensive linemen, the starting wide outs, a core special teamer, and Peanut even got his bell rung and had to sit out a play. Just how serious were the injuries...

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Spor

Moments after starting left guard Matt Slauson went down with an ankle injury yesterday, the Chicago Bears lost center Roberto Garza to one as well. Considering Garza was seen in a walking boot after the game, the following news is not surprising.

A high ankle sprain is the bad one, and it usually knocks a player out for at least a week; however the Bears have not announced a timetable for Garza's return.

The fact that Brandon Marshall wasn't one of the players mentioned as getting treatment is probably a good thing. Either that or an oversight...

Starting wide receiver Alshon Jeffery was held out yesterday because of an injured hamstring, but the Bears called his return probable, meaning it was 50/50 on him returning.

Shaun Draughn left the game yesterday with a neck injury.

EDIT: And it looks like Slauson is dealing with the high ankle sprain as well.

When more injury news breaks, we'll have it right here.