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Week 1 Monday Night Football open thread

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Week 1 of the 2014 NFL season draws to a close with not one, not three, but two Monday Night games.  Tonight's offerings are:

New York Giants at Detroit Lions

Kick-off time: 7.10pm EDT / 6.10pm CT

Reason to watch: We don't face our divisional rival until games 12 and 15, but it doesn't hurt to see how their early steps under new head coach Jim Caldwell go now that the games count.  Can Matthew Stafford be better with his fundamentals, or will he still unleash the sidearm special on occasion?  Will they finally get production from someone who can take advantage of Calvin Johnson drawing the double coverage, such as free agent signing Golden Tate and/or top draft pick Eric Ebron?  Can Ndamukong Suh get through an entire game without attempting to kick Eli Manning in the junk, or Nick Fairley without getting his food on?  Can their secondary stop anybody?  Plenty of storylines to follow.

San Diego Chargers at Arizona Cardinals

Kick-off time: 10.20pm EDT / 9.20pm CT

Reason to watch: The Cardinals missed out on the playoffs last season by the narrowest of margins, and the Chargers saw QB Philip Rivers bounce back with an outstanding 2013 campaign, his tenth year in the league, at the age of 32 (...fingers crossed for Cutler...).  We don't play either team during the regular season but a Cardinals loss might help when it comes to deciding NFC playoff spots, so I'm hoping to wake up to see the Chargers at 1-0.

Have fun!