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2015 NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round: Baltimore Ravens vs New England Patriots

Today's playoff action starts with the Ravens versus the Patriots.

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This weekend's playoff games start with a pretty good one. Tom Brady got his annual playoff bye week, the Patriots' fifth in a row, but when it comes to taking on the Ravens, things haven't gone so well. The Ravens have had the Patriots' number, picking up two wins in their three playoff contests, but both teams are missing a ton of players from something even as recent as a matchup from two years ago.

But if the Patriots are looking for a bit of bulletin board material, John Harbaugh called Joe Flacco "The best quarterback in football" after the Ravens' game against the Steelers, where Flacco threw two touchdowns in their victory. Brady's thrown seven touchdowns to five interceptions in the Patriots' last six playoff games.

4:35 PM ET / 3:35 PM CT

Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots

This is your open thread for today's Ravens vs Patriots contest... As always, Open Thread Responsibly (TM).