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2015 NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round: Carolina Panthers vs Seattle Seahawks

The Panthers and Seahawks clash in today's second game.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Today's second game pits the latest team to win a playoff game as a below-.500 team against the other franchise to win a playoff game as a below-.500 team. That, of course, doesn't imply that it will be easy for the Carolina Panthers to repeat that feat against the Seattle Seahawks at home, especially since when the Seahawks did it, they had to leave Seattle en route to getting beat by the Bears at Soldier Field in 2010.

Cam Newton is getting hot at the right time, but the Seattle defense has also rounded into the form that contributed heavily to the Seahawks winning the title over last year's Broncos team. After starting the year at 3-3 the Seahawks really pulled themselves together.

Can the Panthers go into Seattle and eke out a win? Or will the Seahawks take care of business at home?

8:15 PM ET / 7:15 PM CT
Carolina Panthers vs Seattle Seahawks

This is your open thread for this evening's game. As always, Open Thread Responsibly (TM).