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Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and beyond

Even though this isn't an Open Thread, you guys can feel free to take the discussion in which ever direction you feel it needs to go. Consider this your catch-all for everything thing NFL.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

1) So last week the Detroit Lions lost to the Dallas Cowboys, thanks in part, to a controversial call. Yesterday the Cowboys lost to the Green Bay Packers, thanks in part, to a controversial call.

Needless to say, Detroit players and Lions' fans found humor in the Karma.

2) Even if the Dez Bryant catch would have stood, does anyone think Aaron Rodgers wouldn't have just driven Green Bay down the field for the winning score anyway?

3) It's a tough enough job being an NFL referee, so why make up "All-Star" officiating crews by breaking up the referee crews from the regular season? The NFL should just allow the top rated crews from the first 17 weeks of the season go on to officiate the playoff games.

4) I would not be surprised if New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick knew the NFL rule book better than any other coach in the league.

Was his ineligible player play sneaky and deceptive? Yep. But was it legal? Of course it was.

Whether you like it or not, football is a chess match, if it's too much for you, stick to checkers.

5) If we are to believe the reports, the Seattle Seahawks are prepared to make quarterback Russell Wilson the highest paid QB in the NFL. If he ends up with that large of a deal, it's as much for his intangibles (leadership, character, etc.) as it is for his on field work.

6) If Wilson does end up as the top paid QB, that honor may be short-lived. I would expect the highest paid QB designation to eventually go to his 2012 draft classmate, Andrew Luck. As a 1st rounder, the Colts technically don't have to offer Luck a new contract til after his 5th season, but when the time comes to lock Luck up, I'd expect a record setting deal.

7) If you consider Sunday's Divisional playoff game to be Kam Chancellor's "break-out" game, then you haven't been paying attention to the 6'3, 232 pound Seahawks' career. The 2 time Pro Bowler has been one of the best safeties in the game ever since he received his first start in 2011.

Ok, so he had two ridiculous jump over the line moments yesterday, and a 90 yard interception return for a touchdown, and we can't forget his huge stick on the 5'9", 245 pound, wrecking ball-like Mike Tolbert.

Sunday may have been the best game of his career, but he's been a bad, bad man for some time now.

8) Peyton Manning didn't look like Peyton Manning the last month and now we're finding out why.

From Adam Schefter.

Broncos QB Peyton Manning played Sunday's Divisional Playoff loss and the past month of the season with a torn right quad, per two sources.

Specifically: Peyton Manning has a torn rectus femoris, which runs down center of thigh. Bruising was so severe it spread to back of his leg.

I think if Manning can rehab his latest injury, I believe he returns to Denver. Then again, with a $19 million paycheck waiting in 2015, the Broncos may not want him back.

9) I'm taking the home teams again this week. Seattle over the Packers and New England over Indy.

Who do you guys see making it to the Super Bowl?

10) If someone tries to paint a doom and gloom picture of the Chicago Bears' franchise because Baltimore Ravens assistant general manager Eric DeCosta and Ravens offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak both declined an opportunity to interview with Chicago, tell them to get their facts straight.

DeCosta has been turning down a chance to interview for a GM position for several years now. He's already paid like a GM, he has family ties in the area and he simply loves working for the Ravens. Two years ago he issued the following statement and he seems content to wait until he's promoted to GM in Baltimore.

"I love being a part of the Ravens and plan to stay here and help them win championships, I have no intentions of leaving this team."

Kubiak, who just completed his first season as offensive coordinator with the Ravens, isn't expecting an in-house promotion like DeCosta, but maybe he just wants to stick around a championship level team.

Here's Kubiak's statement.

"It is flattering and humbling to be invited to interview for a number of NFL head coaching positions, and I greatly appreciate these opportunities," Kubiak said in a statement. "But I have decided to stay with the Ravens.

"This is a special organization and we, like [Head] Coach [John] Harbaugh says, are building something great. I want to be a part of that and contribute in whatever ways I can."

Kubiak already has three Super Bowl rings as an assistant coach, maybe he feels he can get number 4 before moving on to another head coaching gig at some point.

While it's unfortunate that a couple of quality candidates gave the Bears a pass, keep in mind they're giving everyone a pass.

What are some of your NFL Thoughts this week?