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Mocking the Mocks: Whom does SB Nation's Dan Kadar mock to the Chicago Bears?

We're taking a look at the latest mock draft from SB Nation's Dan Kadar. In his latest scenario he has the Bucs taking Jameis Winston #1, but I especially like his selection at seven for the Bears.

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During new Chicago general manager Ryan Pace's introductory press conference, he alluded that he is a 'best player available' drafter. We'll have to wait and see exactly what he does now that he's the man pulling the trigger on draft day, but here's what he said at that time.

"When I first started with the Saints, I might have just become a pro scout or a scouting assistant. We were in the draft - I want to be honest with you guys, honest assessment. And when I talk about taking best player available, you have to be careful in the draft ... that's what I believe in. In the draft, it can be human nature to want to push up a position that you need," he said Friday. "And that doesn't happen on draft day, that happens in the process leading into the draft, right? So we're talking about defensive linemen, we really need a d-lineman.

"Hey, I know we don't have great grades on this player, but we're pushing him up because we need it. So we drafted a defensive tackle in 2003 that didn't end up being a good player for us and I think that was partly because we pushed him up because of need. We should've just taken best player available. Honest answer."

The Chicago Bears are slated to pick 7th in the draft and if Pace sticks with this philosophy, then we shouldn't be surprised if he goes offense.

Dan Kadar, NFL Draft Editor for SB Nation, has the Bears going offense in his latest mock draft.

Here's his pick;

7. Chicago Bears: Brandon Scherff, OT, Iowa

If the Bears aren't comfortable with any of the pass rushers or Alabama safety Landon Collins with the seventh pick, they can score with the best offensive lineman in the draft. Scherff could supplant Jordan Mills as the team's starting right tackle.

Safety, linebacker and pass rusher may all be bigger needs, but I love the idea of taking Scherff at 7th overall. Give me a big offensive lineman with an edge to his game, to pair up with Kyle Long and the Bears' O will begin to form an identity.

Check out this highlight video of Scherff and I want to point out the play at 1:00. Notice how he sets up in pass protection with his eyes on the down lineman. The defender in the 3 point stance takes a wide outside rush, but a defensive back comes on the blitz. Scherff correctly shifts focus to the blitzer, because he's the bigger threat to get to his QB. That play was just as exciting to me as his numerous pancake blocks on the clip.

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What are your thoughts on Dan's latest mock draft?

Is this the way you would go if you were drafting for Chicago?