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The Bears Den: January 14, 2015 - Postseason Chicago Bears news & notes

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Other than age gap with new GM, John Fox seems solid fit with Bears - Brad Biggs: Critics will say if Fox can't win a Super Bowl with Peyton Manning, he can't get over the top in Chicago. But he's a proven commodity with 13 years experience.

Why is John Fox a good fit for Bears? - Is-Hub Arkush: If the Bears hired Pace thinking he wasn’t quite ready and needed a mentor or Rabbi in the coaching spot to train him, then it’s a really bad hire.

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Bears' head coach search

Bears interview Marrone and Austin - Larry Mayer: The Bears continued their search for a head coach Tuesday by interviewing former Bills head coach Doug Marrone and Lions DC Teryl Austin.

Bears interview Doug Marrone, Teryl Austin - Jeff Dickerson: Several sources describe Marrone and Pace as having a "tight" relationship stemming from their time together in New Orleans; Austin is a hot name in the coaching carousal. [Carousel? - Den]

As Bears talk to 2 candidates, John Fox alters landscape of coach hunt - Dan Wiederer: By a wide margin, Fox registers as the most accomplished candidate currently on the Bears' radar, though there are questions as to whether he truly has what it takes to lead the Bears to another championship.

Pace to interview John Fox on Wednesday - Adam L. Jahns: According to a source familiar with the Bears’ coaching search, the team’s focus is on Fox, who is 119-89 in his coaching career with the Broncos and Panthers.  Patrick Finley: Experienced head coach would counterbalance  youngest GM in the NFL.

Bears, Pace accelerating selection process for head coach - Moon Mullin: The process could be considered widening but in fact is believed to be narrowing, with Fox and Marrone at different levels entirely from the three coordinators already screened.

Biggest reason Bears should hire John Fox - Steve Rosenbloom: John Fox has taken two teams to the Super Bowl, would bring charisma, confidence and leadership to a Halas Hall that needs all three, and most importantly, wouldn't not be a hire centered on Jay Cutler.

Is Denver's discarded coach good enough for Bears? - Bob LeGere: Elway could be excused for expecting more from a roster built to win now; on the other hand, it's not Fox's fault that the QB the team was built around was often a disappointment in the playoffs.

Fox a comfortable choice, but ... - Mike Imrem: John Fox is an obvious target but a fresher face would be a better fit for the Bears, who should be shooting for the next Belichick, Carroll, McCarthy or Harbaugh.

Roster control not likely to be problem for Fox, Pace - Moon Mullin: Ernie Accorsi knows Fox and knows the Bears. If the road to the hiring had any fatal potholes ahead, best guess is that Fox would not be interviewing.

6 things you should know about John Fox - Steven Goldstein: Given the chance to use simulated crowd noise while practicing for last year’s Super Bowl, Fox turned it down. The Broncos went on to get trounced 43-8 by the Seahawks.

8 things to know about John Fox - David Just: One of three coaches in NFL history to inherit a one-win team and take it to the playoffs two years later, the Broncos hired Fox, in part, because his experience balanced the inexperience of their executives. It’s a similar position that the Bears now find themselves in.

[Video] - Les Shapiro talks John Fox-to-Bears potential.

[Video] - Dan Durkin talks Bears' potential pursuit of John Fox.

[Video] - Ross Tucker on John Fox potentially being Bears' next head coach.

[Video] SportsTalk Live - John Fox to Bears?

Local media sure could use Bears coach with something to say - Ed Sherman: It has been a long, tedious slog since Mike Ditka, whose outrageous press sessions were must-listen events, left the Bears in 1992. Peggy Kusinski said they only used Trestman soundbites to point out the strangeness of his pressers.


Fuller, O'Donnell named All-Rookie - Larry Mayer: Kyle Fuller and Pat O’Donnell have been selected to the Pro Football Writers of America (PFWA) 2014 NFL All-Rookie team.

Bears part ways with director of pro personnel - Michael C. Wright: Kevin Turks worked 13 seasons in Chicago's personnel department.

[Audio] - Carmen & Jurko talk to Ryan Pace about his new job and their process for hiring a new head coach.

Bill Polian applauds Bears' hire of Ryan Pace - Ed Sherman: Polian quick to dismiss any notions that the 37-year-old Pace might be too young for the job.

Roster analysis: Linebackers - Not-Hub Fishbain: With tons of question marks still at the position, at least Pace can look at Jon Bostic and Christian Jones and see something that the Bears can continue to work with going forward.

/facepalm - David Just: Kyle Long and Martellus Bennett get into Twitter fight. [Video] Dan Durkin: /facepalm ... Sarcasm?

[Video] Inside the Bears - 7-year-old Andrew Spencer recently won the Bears' Punt, Pass, and Kick competition. But he isn't your average kid. He has retinoblastoma, the same rare eye cancer his father has also been battling.


Ditka - Ditka discusses the Bears’ coaching candidates, the possibility of a comeback, and "Da Bears."

Polish sausage

Know thy enemy: Lions - Dave Dye: Was their 11-win season just an aberration, and will they take a step back again in 2015? Five storylines to follow in Lions' offseason.

Know thy enemy: Vikings - Brian Hall: Former first-round pick Christian Ponder started 36 games for Minnesota but didn't become the franchise QB the team had hoped. Now he knows his time with the Vikings is likely over.

Know thy enemy: Packers - Rob Demovsky: Four months after the fact, the Packers continue to insist they didn't purposely avoid Seahawks corner Richard Sherman in the season opener.