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Poll Of The Day: Which position is the Chicago Bears' top need for 2015?

After finishing 5-11 the Chicago Bears obviously have more than a few needs for 2015. Today we want to know which position you feel is the most pressing to fill.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears need an impact safety patrolling the back end of their defense, but do they need that more than a quality middle linebacker? They could use an upgrade at right tackle, but is that more pressing than someone to get after the quarterback?

How confident are you in the Bears' quarterback situation? Please don't let this comment thread turn into Cutlerpalozza part 67.

Hopefully we'll have a better idea of the style of defense the Bears will run once a coordinator is hired, but for what it's worth, new head coach John Fox has always been a 4-3 coach. Then again, he's also always allowed his coordinators to coach his defenses however they've wanted, so we'll have to wait and see.

On offense, Fox has usually had play callers that would stick with the run game (pre-Payton of course), but like with his defensive coordinator, he'll generally let his offensive coordinator run their own show.

Last month we looked at the top three needs for the Chicago Bears according to former NFL executive Gil Brandt. Today we're putting the #1 need for the Bears to a poll. You guys decide their top need, then next week I'll write up a few potential draft and free agent prospects that could fill that need. At that time I'll ask you guys for the Bears' 2nd most important position to fill, then do a write up on the results. And finally we'll determine Chicago's #3 need and I'll write up those prospects as well.

To see how some of the mocks are leaning for the Bears, be sure to check out our NFL Draft section, and to check out the Bears' free agent situation for 2015 you can click here.

Make sure to vote for your #1 position of need and we'll revisit this topic in a few days. If you vote "other", be sure to tell us what your other is.