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Chicago Bears hire Jeff Rodgers as Special Teams Coordinator

Replacing Joe DeCamillis, Rodgers has experience working with Fox since Carolina, serving in the same role with the Panthers and Broncos.

Whistle goes wooooooo!
Whistle goes wooooooo!
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The migration from Denver continues, as another member of the Broncos staff will be in Chicago:

Rodgers served as special teams coordinator for Fox since 2010, including the entirety of Fox's tenure in Denver.

If you've been watching any Broncos games, you'll know they don't do a lot of aggressive things on special teams.  Possibly more damning is the Football Outsiders ranking of the Broncos special teams unit. FO is know for creating and delivering innovative statistics, and they have one for special teams.

Per the FO rankings, in 2014 Denver ranked 27th (Chicago ranked 25). In 2013, they had Denver ranked 21st, and Chicago ranked 11) This will likely give some Bears fans pause, as the general consensus (rightly so) has been that the Bears 3rd phase was a pile of garbage. However, there are a lot of factors at play, including the fact that the special teams coordinator gets the bottom of the roster, and the quality of that is based on how good the GM is.  Was Elway good at churning that roster? Perhaps, perhaps not. Is Ryan Pace good at that?  We'll have no idea.

There may be a bit more about this at the press conference at 11am, and of course we'll have a thread for that.  For now, how do you feel about having a Rodgers at Halas Hall?