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Chicago Bears officially introduce head coach John Fox at press conference (live stream & update)

The Bears will introduce John Fox at 11am CT. We've got your link for the stream, so check the press conference out with us here.

Perfect form.
Perfect form.
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Bears will introduce John Fox to the world this morning. Wanna see it? Check it:

Fox is, of course, the Bears' 15th head coach, and the first they've hired with previous coaching experience that wasn't the owner of the team. They have already hired his special teams coordinator, Jeff Rodgers, who has been with him before. The big questions for Fox right now are who will work the offense, and who will work the defense. Will we get an answer to those today?

Hopefully the press conference will start with a brief comment from Pace (and not an Emery-style soliloquy), and let us get right into the meat of the discussion. Stay tuned with us and we'll have the recap for you later.

It's an exciting time to be a Bears fan...are they onto something big, or will the Fox era end in disappointment?