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Bears hired the right coaching staff for the right time

With the new Chicago Bears coaching and front office regime just about in place the franchise can put 2014 in the rearview mirror and look to 2015, when they will take the field with one of the better coaching staffs they've ever fielded.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone who watched the Bears flounder through the malaise era of the Phil Emery-Marc Trestman regime should be happy to see the John Fox Bears era dawning.

Fox has managed to do in one week what Chicago has wanted since October: bring back the luster to the Bears franchise.

Fox might have some concerns or drawbacks as a coach: he's a little bit older, he's never won the Super Bowl, he's on his third NFL team and he has a knack for poor showings in big games. But he also has one huge thing going for him: he isn't Marc Trestman.

Just one look at his press conference and it was more about the things that weren't heard as much as the things that were.

There was no "grow the man," no "practice with purpose," no "roadmap/GPS," no "science of football."

Fox was what he's known to be: blunt, honest, somewhat humorous and maybe a bit cliched. Did he pander to the meatballs a little bit with the "making things right with Brian Urlacher" bit and the "run the ball, stop the run, be physical" stuff? Sure, but it is also his M.O. as a coach and after the Trestman lack of identity garbage, it's a welcome relief.

But beyond the press conference, which is basically all noise and nonsense anyway, what Fox has really done is put in place a very solid staff around him that should be able to get the best out of what the Bears have.

Vic Fangio is regarded as a homerun of a hire at defensive coordinator. He has a proven system and he was able to bring in his DB coach in Ed Donatell, who can help implement his system and turn around the defense.

With the hire Fox went out of his comfort zone too, shying away from the 4-3 system he's run in Carolina and Denver and saying he's going with "whatever puts his players in the best position to win."

On the offensive side of the ball, Adam Gase brings a young offensive mind who is renowned as one of the best minds in the league who has helped Peyton Manning reach career highs and also has struck balance with the Denver offense, turning to a rushing attack when needed but also unleashing a deadly passing attack too.

The fact is that Fox, Gase and Fangio have shown in their careers a remarkable amount of flexibility, something extremely lacking under Trestman. Each has instances where they've had to make due with injuries, suspensions, imbalance, playcalling and schemes in order to get their teams to win.

They also bring identity and, ideally, a level of accountability which was also lacking under the old braintrust.

Will it work in Chicago? Who knows and the roster still lacks talent at several positions and there are unknowns at many others. But one thing is for sure, the Fox era should be the anti-Trestman era and that is just what the Bears need right now.