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Cincinnati Bengals vs Indianapolis Colts Open Thread

It's a showdown in the AFC... join us below for live updates and instant analysis of today's Colts-Bengals game!

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Luck replaced a man that might go down as the all-time greatest quarterback to ever play the game, and has done a pretty good job of stepping into those shoes his first three years in the league.

He set several rookie passing records, and has been a Pro Bowler in each of his first three seasons. And of course, being the NFL's passing TD leader in year three is pretty doggone good in and of itself.

Today, the 11-5 Indianapolis Colts take on the 10-5-1 Cincinnati Bengals at Lucas Oil Field in Indiana.

For the Bengals, Marvin Lewis is trying to figure out just how in the world to get over his streak of one-and-dones in the playoffs, and to catch the Colts in the first round is just bad luck.

Andy Dalton will lead the charge for the Bengals, albeit without #1 receiver A.J. Green, who is out with head injury suffered late last game against the Steelers in the regular season finale.

Can Lewis figure it out, or will Andrew Luck impose his will?

This is your Bengals-Colts Open Thread... have fun!