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2014 NFL Playoffs Schedule: Second round teams are set

The 2014 playoffs are underway, and after one round, things are shaping up nicely in both conferences.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

After the first round of the 2014 NFL Playoffs, it's easy to see why most of the surviving teams made it in the first place. Good football is easy to identify, even when a team has flaws in its coaching staff, roster, or otherwise. Good football teams figure out ways to win games.

After one round, we look ahead to next week's match-ups:

Saturday, January 10th:

- #6 Baltimore Ravens at #1 New England Patriots (4:35pm ET- NBC)

- #4 Carolina Panthers at #1 Seattle Seahawks (8:15pm ET - FOX)

Sunday, January 11th:

- #3 Dallas Cowboys at #2 Green Bay Packers (1:05pm ET - FOX)

- #4 Indianapolis Colts at #2 Denver Broncos (4:40pm ET - CBS)

[Note: The Chicago Bears are on another Bye next week].

A couple of things we know: In the last few Super Bowls, we have seen that a Wild Card team has every bit a chance to making the big dance as anyone. We also know that this year's #1 seeds in both the NFC and AFC, could both be considered among the best we've seen in several years. The Seahawks and Patriots are both, if firing on all cylinders, almost unbeatable.

But we'll not get too far ahead of ourselves...