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The Bears Den: January 07, 2015 - Postseason Chicago Bears news & notes

Don't make him angry. You wouldn't like him He wouldn't like you when he's angry.

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Why the Bears' future is bleak - Jeff Fedotin: An aging offense and porous defense need a complete rebuild.

No quick fix for Bears as new GM must add tons of talent - Dan Wiederer: Only four times in the last 20 years have the Bears marched into the playoffs, a fade from relevance that's difficult to ignore and even more difficult to reverse.

Larry Mayer's Chalk Talk - Larry discusses why the Bears interviewed two head-coach candidates last week before having a GM in place, the likelihood of the NFL playoffs expanding, and the last time the Bears played in San Diego.

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What can GM candidates expect from Accorsi? - Adam L. Jahns: Ernie Accorsi considers a prospective GM’s philosophy to be crucial, and previously has preferred those who primarily stay in-house and manage rather than spend the bulk of their time on the road scouting.

Bears interview Gaine, Dawson - Larry Mayer: The Bears interviewed two candidates for their GM position Tuesday, Titans VP of player personnel Lake Dawson and Texans director of pro personnel Brian Gaine.

Bears GM search intensifying - Michael C. Wright: The Bears picked up the pace on their searches for a new GM and head coach Tuesday.  Jeff Dickerson: Bears interview GM candidates Gaine, Dawson.

[Video] SportsTalk Live - Bears start GM interviews with Gaine, Dawson.

Bears intensify GM search - Rich Campbell: Chiefs director of player personnel Chris Ballard is scheduled to meet with team officials Wednesday, when Saints director of player personnel Ryan Pace is also believed to have an interview scheduled.

Chris Ballard 'sure of himself' in how he works - Dan Wiederer: Former Bears’ director of college scouting Greg Gabriel offered his endorsement of Ballard, praising the Chiefs exec as a confident and enthusiastic leader with an eye for talent and the people skills to sell his vision. [Audio]

Sense of urgency surrounds Bears GM search - Bob LeGere: The Bears hope to fill their GM vacancy before head-coaching candidates Todd Bowles and Mike Shanahan interview on Saturday.  James Neveau: First big decision for GM is which coach to hire.

Mike Shanahan could be guy for Bears - Is-Hub Arkush: Growing groundswell of support has nothing to do with Jay Cutler and/or Brandon Marshall, is all about the McCaskeys choosing to stop handicapping long shots and wager on a proven winner.

[Video] SportsTalk Live - Could Mike Shanahan fix Cutler, Bears?

Tommie Harris: Toub could have Ditka-like impact on Bears - Scott Krinch: Former Bear, who spent seven years with Dave Toub in Chicago, thinks he would be a perfect fit for Chicago. [Audio]

The best fits for NFL coaching vacancies - Steven Ruiz: The offense can be successful with what they already have, so a defensive makeover makes the most sense. Todd Bowles' aggressive scheme could get the Bears back to contending for divisional titles in a year or two.

Team notes - Patrick Finley: Bears interview Lake Dawson, Brian Gaine; Bears to interview Mike Shanahan once they choose a GM; Marc Trestman interviewed with Lovie Smith for the Buccaneers' OC opening.

Bears coach, GM-talk brushes up against Jay Cutler - Moon Mullin: Bears knew what they were getting in Cutler; their mistake over the past five years lay less in Cutler himself, but rather in what they depended on him to do in an offense skewed towards the pass.

Which helps new coach more: cutting Jay Cutler or Brandon Marshall? - Steve Rosenbloom: Cutting both would eat up too much money while leaving an even more unpalatable team, so the option seems to be holding your nose and picking one to keep for probably just one year. Which one?

[Video] SportsTalk Live - Should Bears get rid of Cutler and Marshall?

Just wait for Bears to cry Wolf - Mike Imrem is certain the Bears will have to hire another GM and head coach in a couple [of] years before they even decide whom to hire; Bertrand Russell makes a point about cocksureness and level of intelligence.

Tim Jennings again leads Bears in snap counts - Not-Hub Fishbain looks at the Bears' playing time for the 2014 season.

Roster analysis: RB - Not-Hub Arkush reviews the running backs: Another strong season for Matt Forte.

[Video] Bears Roundtable - On to 2015: Jeff Joniak, Tom Thayer, and Larry Mayer discuss the future of the Bears and assets currently on the team [parts 2 & 3].


Ditka - Da Coach discusses the Bears’ GM and coach search, Virginia McCaskey’s ire, and a night out with two other Mikes.

Ditka to "Prancercise" for charity - If there’s one video the Internet is missing, it’s surely that of Mike Ditka 'prancercising.'

Polish sausage

Which potential 2015 ‘Hard Knocks’ team would be the best? - Chris Strauss: If no team volunteers for the next season of the HBO series, one of nine franchises will be selected.

Know thy enemy: Packers - Rob Demovsky: Green Bay has gone 1-3 in the playoffs with two losses at home since winning the Super Bowl. Aaron Rodgers's verdict: 'Not good enough.' ... Jared Dubin: Aaron Rodgers has dominated Rod Marinelli's defenses.

Know thy enemy: Lions - Michael Rothstein: While losing Ndamukong Suh would be more devastating, losing Teryl Austin to a head-coaching gig would be a brutally difficult blow for the Lions.

Laugh at the Lions' fans - Will Brinson: A Lions fan is already regretting his 2015 Super Bowl Champs tattoo. Naturally.