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Chicago Bears' Tim Jennings Arrested (Updated)

Tim Jennings was arrested, but the plot thickens...

David Banks/Getty Images

When the Chicago Bears hire a new general manager and head coach, they'll have a new situation to deal with. As reported by ESPN's Michael C. Wright and Jeff Dickerson, Bears cornerback Tim Jennings has been arrested.

Kevin Fishbain from has the booking info from Gwinnett County Detention Center.

If you remember, Jennings was given a four year contract extension by former general manager Phil Emery right after the 2013 season. He's set to make $5,250,000 for the 2015 season, so the new regime will need to decide how to proceed with Jennings.

Jennings had a down season in 2014 after making two consecutive Pro Bowls. He did play in all 16 games, but he left a handful of them with minor injuries. After having 9 picks in his breakout 2012 season, he had 4 last year and none this year.



Peggy Kusinski of NBC Chicago is reporting the following about Jennings' arrest;

NFL Sources say ‪#‎Bears‬ CB Tim Jennings did not fail a breathalyzer test today in his DUI arrest. The test was not administered and according to sources Jennings was late for his child's student teacher conference at school and was speeding to get there on time.

Here's another UPDATE:

Tim Jennings has taken to social media to address his arrest.

Here's more from the Sun Times' Jordan Owen.

  • Police report says Tim Jennings told police he was running late and had somewhere to be. The officer told him he was driving recklessly.
  • Jennings "smiled, laughed and said that he was only speeding and in a hurry," acc. to the report. The officer smelled alcohol an his breath.
  • Jennings told told police he had been drinking the night before and had stopped about 2 a.m. (10 hours earlier.)
  • Jennings told police he was speeding because he needed to get to a parent-teacher conference for his 2-year-old, according to the report.
  • The officer brought out an alcohol sensor and Jennings said, "I am not blowing into that damn thing."
  • On the way to the jail, Tim Jennings made comments about "driving a nice car" and "being a target," acc. to the report.

We'll update more as the story unfolds...