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Whom do you believe will be the next Chicago Bears head coach?

The Chicago Bears have hired Ryan Pace to serve as general manager and his first order of business is hiring a head coach. Who do you feel that man should be?

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In looking for a new head coach, the Chicago Bears have already met with Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase, and today at some point they will interview Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles.

Bowles, by the way, has eliminated the Oakland Raiders from his interview list.

The Bears have also been reported to have interest in Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak, but he's still busy with the playoffs.

It's been reported that the Bears have no interest in former New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan, nor in 20 year head coach Mike Shanahan.

This could obviously change now that Ryan Pace is the new GM, but for now this appears to be the case.

Former Bears and current Kansas City Chiefs special teams coordinator Dave Toub has also been linked to the Bears, but so far there's been nothing official on that.

Then again, maybe you think there will be an out of left field candidate that emerges.

This comment thread is your chance to get on record who you believe the Chicago Bears will hire. Also, if that guy isn't who you want, let us know who your favorite candidate is and why.