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The Chicago Bears introduce Ryan Pace as their new General Manager

Ryan Pace was just introduced as the 6th general Manager in the history of the Chicago Bears and we have some press conference highlights via Twitter.

Ryan Pace is the new GM for the Chicago Bears
Ryan Pace is the new GM for the Chicago Bears

Before the Chicago Bears began the Ryan Pace portion of the press conference, team president Ted Philips spoke to the media. Contrary to yesterday's reports, Ryan Pace will report directly to Ted Phillips. While Pace is "going to oversee the entire football operations", the fact that he's structured under Phillips in the Bears organization is troubling to many. Time will tell how much involvement Phillips has on the football side of things.

My guess is this is no big deal. Pace is the shot caller when it comes to the football side of things and Phillips will stay in his comfort zone.

Here are some highlights from new GM Ryan Pace via the twitter feeds of some of the Bears beat writers and the Bears twitter feed.

Pace's first order of business is to find a head coach.

The Bears made it clear that there would be no questions regarding specific head coaching candidates nor would Pace address any specific players on the roster.

What kind of team will Pace try to build?

But about that coaching search...

What about a special teams coach?

Pace mentioned that the decision on the new head coach is his to make, but it will be a group effort between him, George McCaskey, Ted Phillips and Ernie Accorsi.

For those of you wondering why Pace wanted the Bears job over other opportunities...

If Pace can build a winner in Chicago, I'm pretty sure he'll have his pick of deep dish pizza or Italian beefs for life.

Good idea. I'm sure the word "accountability" will be thrown around at some point.

And that's the closest he'll get to addressing Jay Cutler.

And then of course someone asked him about his age.

My guess on his contract length, 5 years, but if he slips up the Bears have proven they won't hesitate to make a change.

Boom! Nailed it!

If you remember correctly, when Phil Emery was hired, he used Jerry Angelo's draft grading system for his first draft. I wonder how quick Pace will get his system up and running.

Thanks Jeff...

To be fair, Pace mentioned that the analytics side of scouting is something he will utilize, it's just not his main source of info.

I hope his lean is more towards the best cap guy in the NFL and not to Phillips.

What about the lack of 'identity' reputation the Bears have acquired the last two years?


I know that's a lot to digest, but what do you think about the first impression from Ryan Pace?