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Fantasy Projections: Jay Cutler vs Alex Smith

Which QB will come out ahead in Fantasy points this week? Come inside and take a look...

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

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In this week's Bears vs Chiefs contest, you've got two completely different quarterbacks: Jay Cutler and Alex Smith.

Cutler has a much higher ceiling, and if he's on top of his game, he could certainly put up better numbers than Smith.  But we also know what it's like to see Cutler lose his focus, in which case those numbers could definitely plummet.

If you had to take one of these QB's in a fantasy league this week, who would you choose?

We'll do a quick Over/ Under for the QB stat line, and you can let us know how you think each one of them will do.


- Passing Yards: 225.5

- Passing TD's: 1.5

- Interceptions: 0.5

By the way, I asked Joel Thorman over at Arrowhead Pride if he would straight up trade Cutler for Smith. I'll post his answer in our 5Q's article later this morning...