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Chicago Bears vs Kansas City Chiefs 4th Quarter Open Thread

Join us inside for continued coverage of today's Chicago Bears game!

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports


Chicago Bears 6

Kansas City Chiefs 17


After three quarters of play, things are going so well for Chicago. Starting inside linebacker Shea McClellin was knocked out in the 3rd quarter with a knee injury, and his backup, LeRoy Reynolds, is a considerable drop-off in talent.

The Bears have scored twice, but both of them were Robbie Gould Field goals.  By the way, Gould is now the all-time points leader for the Chicago Bears. Congrats, Robbie!

What will the 4th quarter hold?  We've got an offense hinging on a make-shift offensive line, and a defense that looks gassed.  John Fox is surely scratching his head trying to come up with in-game adjustments to keep his team in the hunt.

One thing is for certain, Arrowhead Stadium is going to be louder and louder as the minutes pass.

Stay tuned...

This is your Chicago Bears vs Kansas City Chiefs 4th Quarter Open Thread... Have fun!