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NFL Week 5 late games Open Thread

Join us below for continued coverage of NFL Week 5!

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Despite Aaron Rodgers having a multiple-interception game in Green Bay, the Packers were still able to stay unbeaten with a win over the St. Louis Rams.  It's fun to see him throw interceptions, considering that's a thing that rarely ever happens, but the Pack remain the team to beat in the division (and maybe even the conference).

The Minnesota Vikings are off this week, and the Detroit Lions kick off this afternoon against the Arizona Cardinals.  So we can all root for the Cardinals this afternoon.

Your second shift action:

- Detroit Lions vs Arizona Cardinals (3:05pm)

- New England Patriots vs Dallas Cowboys (3:25pm)

- Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders (3:25pm)

And of course tonight for Sunday Night Football, we have the San Francisco 49ers versus the New York Giants.

As you continue to process the Bears versus Chiefs game, kick back and enjoy Week 5's afternoon games.  We'll be here right with you.

This is your 2nd shift Open Thread... Have fun, and go Cardinals!