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Monday Night Football Open Thread: Steelers at Chargers

Join us below as Week 5 of the NFL season comes to a close.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

An AFC match-up will be featured on Monday Night Football tonight, albeit not a very sexy one.  The San Diego Chargers have an offensive line that has been struggling mightily, and the Pittsburgh defense will be hoping to take advantage.  But the Chargers still have a passing game that can not only eat up yardage, but score some points.

Of course, the Steelers still have Michael Vick at quarterback, and so far, he's been pretty bad.  That's 'bad' in a bad way, not in a good way.  But the Steelers have a running game that should be able to keep pace with San Diego's passing game, so we could end up seeing an offensive shoot-out.

San Diego has an advantage playing in front of their home crowd, but I think Pittsburgh gets the nod in this one. I say Steelers 24, Chargers 17.

How will things shake out? Stay tuned...

This is your Week 5 Monday Night Football Open Thread... Have fun!