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The Bears Den: October 14, 2015 - Chicago Bears News and Updates

Join us inside for all the latest Chicago Bears news from around the Internet!

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There have been a lot of calls for trading Alshon Jeffery-- and Matt Forte and Jay Cutler and all of the other best players the Chicago Bears have, for some weird reason-- but so far there hasn't really been any actual substance as to what that trade would look like.

You've got a wide receiver who missed Training Camp and preseason with a calf injury, only to be knocked out after one regular season game with a hamstring injury.  And this week versus Detroit could be his 5th straight game sidelined with injury.

Jeffery is in a contract year, so unless the Bears could move him mid-season, he'll be a free agent in a few weeks.  Are there really teams out there that would be willing to trade for an injured player that is due to be a free agent after this season?

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