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David Fales re-signed to Chicago Bears Practice Squad

Cult-favorite David Fales is back already...

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmy Clausen better watch his back. A day after third string quarterback David Fales was released from the team's practice team, he was brought right back and re-signed.

With Jay Cutler back in the starting lineup and seemingly able to limp his way into the Bye week for an extra week of rest, the Bears are likely hoping that they won't have to utilize anyone else for the remainder of the season.  But we all know anything can happen, and hopefully bringing Fales back to the PS isn't a sign of any type of step backwards for Cutler.

In any event, welcome back David Fales. Your groupies have missed you.

In other news, we'll track the roster transactions of new general manager Ryan Pace... It seems like every day he's making moves, especially in the 2-3 days following a game.

He's not exactly one for sitting still...

Stay tuned to WCG for more updates as they are available.