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Jermon Bushrod injury update: LT cleared to play after passing concussion protocol

The Chicago Bears got good news from Bushrod's doctors-- he's been cleared to play. The only question is: Will the team want him to?

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bears left tackle Jermon Bushrod has missed the last two games after suffering a concussion during the Bears loss to the Seattle Seahawks in Week 3, but this week has been cleared to return by doctors.

Bushrod: "The last couple of weeks were tough. It's always tough not being out there with your guys. But I'm getting better every single day and that's all I can ask for. I was able to go out there and do some things today. I felt good just going out there and running around and taking some sets. I'm encouraged right now. But we're not going to push anything because I don't look forward to having any more setbacks or things like that."

However, Bushrod won't be thrust back into the starting lineup immediately.  John Fox is slowly getting him some light reps at practice, but Charles Leno could very easily get his thrid consecutive start at LT if Bushrod isn't 100%.

On that note, it also makes sense to look at Bushrod's performance prior to his injury, and compare it to how Leno has been playing in his absence.  Bushrod at times struggled against the edge rush before he was injured, and while one wouldn't say he was awful, there was definitely room for significant improvement.

Charles Leno, on the other hand, showed improvement last week over his first start.  The second-year offensive lineman is just trying to make a mark, and could easily make a case for retaining that starting position for at least one more game.

Will there be a left tackle controversy? Stay tuned...