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Matt Slauson: Jay Cutler is the true king: "Winter is coming"

Matt Slauson has a bit of fun on his Instagram account...

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

If you are a Chicago Bears lineman, you more than likely love your quarterback.  Jay Cutler is pretty well known for his under-the-rader, non-publicized generosity towards others, and there are stories out there about how well he takes care of his big guys up front.

Pro athletes are always going to do their jobs, but the best leaders can make their teams work even harder.  Give a little more.  Provide a little more motivation.

Of course, this year's offensive line has been just as complimentary towards Jay Cutler as anyone-- they see him as their leader, the guy who grinds it out with them week after week, and someone that provides them with motivation to bust their rears each week.

It's always fun when you see the guys having fun with each other, and recently Matt Slauson did just that, posting a Jay Cutler/ Game of Thrones figurine on Instagram.

The true king atop the iron throne. Winter is coming. #chicagobears #gameofthrones

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Is Jay Cutler the true king?  At least for this year, so far...