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Fantasy match-ups: Jay Cutler vs Matthew Stafford

Which NFC North quarterback will have the better game on Sunday?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

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Jay Cutler has been playing lights-out football for the Chicago Bears since his return to the gridiron two weeks ago after missing a game and a half due to an injured hamstring.  He and offensive coordinator Adam Gase are clicking, and we're hoping that they stay in that rhythm for a third straight week when they take on the Detroit Lions.

Speaking of the Lions, they've had a bit of an offensive struggle recently, culminating with Matthew Stafford being benched last week after throwing a third interception against the Arizona Cardinals.  Of course, this was a temporary benching, more akin to pulling a starting pitcher who is having a bad day, and now Stafford and the Lions are ready to move forward.

So which quarterback will have the better day on Sunday from a statistical standpoint? We can set some Over/ Under numbers below, and you let us know how you think each QB will fall:


- Passing yards: 230

- Passing TD's: 2.5

- Interceptions: 1.5

Which quarterback will have the better day?