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NFL Week 6: 2nd shift Open Thread

Join us below as our Week 6 coverage continues!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Three-fourths of the NFC North has played already today, and the Green Bay Packers will close things out this afternoon when they face off against the San Diego Chargers.  Could the Chargers play spoiler and upset the undefeated Pack?  Absolutely.  Will they actually pull it off?  Probably not.

But for the next three hours, we can all be Chargers fans and find ways to make fun of Green Bay.  Because even though we can't trash-talk the Packers for at least another year, we can still make fun of them for being the Packers.

The full slate of games on the schedule for this afternoon:

- Carolina Panthers (4-0) vs Seattle Seahawks (2-3) - 4:05pm ET

- San Diego Chargers (2-3) vs Green Bay Packers (5-0) - 4:25pm ET

- Baltimore Ravens (1-4) vs San Francisco 49ers (1-4) - 4:25pm ET

That first match-up will one to keep an eye on. The Panthers are legit, but the Seahawks are undefeated at home this year and know how to keep the visitors on their toes.

Sit back and join us below as our Week 6 coverage rolls along...

This is your 2nd Shift Open Thread... Have fun!