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Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions 3rd Quarter Open Thread

Join us inside for continued coverage of the Chicago Bears game!

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports


Chicago Bears  13

Detroit Lions  21


One half of football is in the books, and it was a great half.  Matthew Stafford looks good for the Lions, but the Bears have gotten to him a few times so far.

Jay Cutler also looks good, but had two great drives end in field goals.  One of them was due to another drop by Martellus Bennett in the end zone, which was a continuation of drops he had last week.

And of course, welcome back Alshon Jeffery.  We mentioned before the game that if Jeffery had any inclination of a contract after this season, he's need to run the remainder of this year out not only healthy, but also productively. And so far, he's had a good game today.

Can the Bears pull off their third straight win, and keep the Lions winless at 0-6?  Stay tuned...

This is your 3rd Quarter Open Thread... Have fun!