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The Bears Den: October 19, 2015 - Chicago Bears news and updates

Join us inside for the latest Chicago Bears updates from 'round the Internet!

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears saw their two-game winning streak snapped by the previously winless Detroit Lions, and in the hours after the final field goal was kickedin Overtime by Lions kicker Matt Prater, Bears fans took to the internet to explain who to blame.

In summary, Bears fans want to blame:

- The referees

- The coaches

- Martellus Bennett

- The defense

How about this: Both the Bears and the Lions left plenty of opportunities on the field, and the culmination of all those opportunities together equaled a Chicago Bears loss.  It's going to happen... Losses will occur, and sometimes they will be ugly.  Sometimes they will be team losses, sometimes they will be because a coach makes the wrong call, and sometimes it will be because one single player blows it in a critical moment.

The most important thing is how the Bears will come back after their Bye week and respond.  They've got: Vikings twice, Chargers, Rams, Broncos, Niners, Redskins, Buccaneers, and Lions.  Lots of winnable games in that stretch, especially when they are getting back players who have had an extra week of rest.

Let's take a look at some recent headlines...

- Everybody can share blame for the loss to the Lions. (LINK)

- Three up, three down from Sunday. QB is the least of the Bears worries. (LINK)

- After one game back from missing four straight with injury, Alshon Jeffery contract talk has started up. (LINK)

- The Bears lost to that bunch of stiffs? (LINK)

- John Fox talked to his players last week about catches/ non-catches in the league. (LINK)

- Bears loss is a reminder on where this team stands in the grand scheme of things. (LINK)

- Moon Mullin passes out grades: QBDLSTWRDBLB

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