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Monday Night Football Open Thread: Giants, Eagles, and Star Wars

What's more exciting... The football game or the movie trailer?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants (3-2) are facing the Philadelphia Eagles (2-3) on Monday Night Football, and there will be plenty to discuss both on and off the field.

Eli Manning is playing lights-out football, and paying dividends on the $100MM+ contract the Giants game him. On the other sideline, Chip Kelly is making some folks scratch their heads, and if they can't come out and compete with their division rival, one has to wonder what his future with the team will hold.

Also on MNF, the new Star Wars trailer will debut during halftime.  This is apparently a big deal, and no doubt the NFL welcomed the opportunity to provide that type of advertising to Lucasfilms and Walt Disney Studios. Of course, it doesn't hurt that ESPN is a subsidiary of Disney.

So let's sit back and enjoy the game, and let us know if you're intending on getting tickets to see the new movie when they go on sale.

This is your MNF Open Thread... Have fun!