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The Bears Den: October 21, 2015 - Chicago Bears news and updates

Join us inside for the latest Chicago Bears headlines...

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears players will have an extra week of rest and recovery during their Bye week, but John Fox and his staff will be busy game-planning not only for their next opponent-- the Minnesota Vikings-- but also putting together a plan for the remainder of the season.  The same can be assumed about GM Ryan Pace, who is undoubtedly already getting his draft board ready for April.

Let's take a look at some recent headlines.

- Some x's and o's looks at how the Bears approached defending Lions WR Calvin Johnson last week. (LINK)

- A look at fantasy outcomes from last week's games. How did you do? (LINK)

- Bears players will be focused on rest and self-scouting over their break. (LINK)

- John Fox lived up to his late-game reputation. (LINK)

- The Bears are kicking off their 27th annual coat drive- Jay Cutler is heavily involved. (LINK)

And while we're here, a conversation starter:

John Fox took a lot of heat for calling three straight runs at the end of the Lions game, but consider the options:

- The Bears were in a manageable position with 3rd and 4 yards to go, and from a paper perspective, if everyone had done their jobs, they easily could have converted.  If the call works, nobody fusses.

- Many have stated that because Jay Cutler was having such a good day, they should have let him throw.  Perhaps.  It would have made sense, for sure.  But we also know that Cutler can throw interceptions at the damndest of times... What if Fox had called a pass play and Cutler turned the ball over-- or what if it was an incomplete pass?

Of course, none of that matters because they are simply 'what-ifs', but how reasonable are fans for screaming from the rooftops about the play selection?  What if the called play had worked, would they still be angry?  What if the alternative didn't work-- would they have still been angry?

Probably. You can see John Fox's newest Approval Rating here: LINK.