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OSS: The Most Interesting Man In The World Part Deux

By now you've all been privy to the fart heard round the world, but in case you missed it, our very own Superfans wrote about it right here - Mike Ditka farted in Cris Carter's general direction.

Yes you read that correctly, Chicago icon Mike Ditka, blasted his ESPN colleague Cris Carter, with gas. You don't believe me, go click the link and check out the video proof.

The incident on ESPN's Monday Night Countdown has inspired Windy City Gridiron's photoshop guru David Taylor, to update his classic 2010 masterpiece, Mike Ditka as The Most Interesting Man In The World. That's another one you should definitely go check out if you missed it back then.

And here's another one you should check out, again from our Superfans, the fellas are up to number 78 on their Truth's About Da Coach, Here's a quick sample that relates to the holiday season; Number 72: On Halloween kids knock on his door bearing treats.

But now, it's time for Mike Ditka as The Most Interesting Man In The World Part Deux.


The Most Interesting

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