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Fun Friday Chicago Bears Open Thread

Join us inside for an end-of-the-week Open Thread!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest news coming out of Halas Hall in several months happened yesterday-- the termination of defensive tackle Jeremiah Ratliff's contract (LINK)-- and we still don't know too much about the details.  Apparently on Wednesday he got into a 'heated' and 'animated' exchange with general manager Ryan Pace, and the next day Pace sent him packing.

Of course, this could have been Pace's decision alone, but it also makes me wonder if anything had bubbled up to the McCaskey family. The Chicago Bears have a long history of either A- not signing players that have a track record of problems, or B- having a very short leash for players that do, and this has been the case for years and years.

Ratliff was the best defensive lineman on the team, and arguably the best overall player on defense, but at the end of the day he was an employee of a team that ultimately felt it was best that he didn't work there anymore.

It also speaks to Pace's involvement in the daily operation-- whether it was just he and Ratliff, or whether other coaches were there-- Pace was clearly involved with a discussion that ended with security being called and Ratliff being escorted out of the building.

In lieu of a typical Friday Bears Den, we're opening up an end-of-the-week Open Thread.  Discuss whatever you like, and drop in any links you'd like to chat about.

This is your Friday morning Open Thread... Have fun!