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The Bears Den: October 27, 2015 - Chicago Bears Playoff chances

Join us inside for the latest headlines and updates on the Chicago Bears!

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

With 10 games remaining in the regular season, the Chicago Bears still have a chance. A chance for what?  The playoffs.  If you look around the NFC, it could be inferred that a team in the NFC North with 9 wins could grab the 2nd Wild Card spot after the NFC South.

So could the Bears go on a 7-3 run to close out the season? With the offense coming back healthy and Vic Fangio's defense capable of at least holding their own-- well, just take a look at the final 10 opponents and see if you can find seven wins. I bet you can...

Let's take a look at some recent headlines.

- The water is getting hot in Tampa Bay, specifically in Lovie Smith's bathtub. (LINK)

- Get your Chicago Bears pumpkins carves while you still have time! (LINK)

- John Fox talks more about the release of Jeremiah Ratliff and the signing of Ziggy Hood. (LINK)

- Eddie Goldman was sad to see his mentor Ratliff go. (LINK)

- Ziggy Hood had multiple phone calls, but felt the Bears were the best fit. (LINK)

- Hub Arkush grades the Chicago Bears quarterbacks through the first 6 games. (LINK)

- Antrel Rolle was at practice Monday and John Fox hopes he and Shea McClellin are back soon. (LINK)

- Jay Cutler has thrived while facing adversity this year. (LINK)

- With the Bears facing the Vikings this weekend, a look at Adrian Peterson's top performances. (LINK)

- Jim Bob Cooter takes over as offensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions. (LINK)