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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Dolphins vs Patriots

Join us below for your AFC Thursday Night Football Open Thread!

Andrew Innerarity-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots are on a mission this year-- of course, they are eyeballing yet another NFL championship, but with all of the off-season drama involving Roger Goodell's administration, they also seem to be on a mission to 'stick it to the man'. Currently they are one of five teams remaining undefeated, and while they arguably have weaknesses that could be exposed at some point, it's hard to imagine anyone being able to hand them an outright defeat.

On the other side of the ball tonight are the 3-3 Miami Dolphins, who have seemingly gone through a transformation since disposing of former head coach Joe Philbin. They've fired off two straight wins, including a complete dismantling of the Houston Texans last week and the Tennessee Titans the week before that.

Are the Dolphins on their own mission of disrupting the AFC? It certainly seems that way for now under the guidance of interim head coach Dan Campbell.

Will the Dolphins be able to upset the Patriots? Stay tuned...

This is your Thursday Night Football Open Thread... Have fun!