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Chicago Bears vs Oakland Raiders 2nd Quarter Open Thread

After one quarter of play, the Chicago Bears are leading the Oakland Raiders by a score of 6-0.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports


- Chicago Bears 6

- Oakland Raiders 0


Some teams have backup quarterbacks that can lead an offense in the absence of the starter, and some teams don't. The Chicago Bears learned they were part of the latter group over the last two and a half weeks, but with Jay Cutler back in the saddle, the Bears are looking like a team that can play a little football.

After one quarter of football, the Bears offense is moving the ball pretty well, and Jay Cutler is making some plays that Jimmy Clausen clearly could never make.  The running game is getting bottled up by Oakland pretty well.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Bears are looking pretty good.  They've forced a couple of punts, and kept the Raiders from making any big plays.

Of course, special teams still having issues with a blocked PAT and a kick out of bounds.

This is your Bears vs Raiders 2nd Quarter Open Thread... Have fun!