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2015 Chicago Bears Approval Rating, Week 4: John Fox

The Chicago Bears have closed out their first quarter of 2015 with a 1-3 record. Come let us know how you're feeling about John Fox as head coach.

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Before the season started, new Chicago Bears head coach John Fox knew that the start of the season would be rough.  New coaches, new schemes, think roster, and a tough schedule all indicated that the opening few games could be a rough start for Chicago.

And Fox was right.

The Bears started the season with Green Bay at Soldier Field, followed by the Cardinals, a trip to Seattle, and finally the first win of the season versus Oakland.

That was brutal, and for all of the reasons Fox thought it would be.

Now we're entering the second quarter of the season, and have the Chiefs, Lions, Vikings, and Chargers.  Each game winnable in its own right, if everything falls into place for the Bears, but this is a game where one piece of bad luck can change the entire outcome of a game.

Now that things are settling down in Chicago, how are you feeling about John Fox?

Let us know whether you approve or disapprove in the Poll below, and let us know why.

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