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NFL Power Rankings: The Bears are no longer the worst team in the football world!

Rejoice Chicago Bears' fans, your team is no longer the worst!
Rejoice Chicago Bears' fans, your team is no longer the worst!
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Every week we'll peek in around the interwebs to see where the Chicago Bears are ranked in the eyes of the various Power Rankers out there.

The Chicago Bears won a game!

Before we get into the numerous NFL Power Rankers out there, I wanted to take a purely statistical look at where the Bears stand. Now this is not the truest way to gauge a teams success, but it does provide a broad look at the numbers and Chicago's place among the other teams.

First, to provide some context, I wanted to point out the overall numbers from the Jimmy Clausen game. Not only was the offense handcuffed against Seattle, but the defense was constantly put behind the eight ball. During week three's contest the Bears scored 0 points and they allowed 26. Chicago's O had 146 total yards and they allowed 371.

Now for the Bears' season averages. The Bears are scoring 17 points per game, which ranks 28th. Chicago allows 31.2 points per game on D, which is tied for dead last with this week's opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs. Chicago's offense is ranked 26th in yards with 313.5 per game, and they allow 309 per game, which is 7th best.

Now on to the Power Rankers.

I feel comfortable in saying that there's no way the Bears will be coming in last this week!

We start with SB Nation, who moved the Bears up 8 spots to 24th overall. Here's what they had to say.

The Bears brought up the rear of our rankings last week after getting shut out in Seattle with Jimmy Clausen playing quarterback, but with Jay Cutler back in action, they made a big jump this week. The Raiders had been playing really good ball and gave Chicago a run for its money, but Cutler gutted out a hamstring injury to lead his team on a 12-play, 48-yard drive to win with a field goal in the final seconds. It's only a one-week rebound, but with Cutler back and Alshon Jeffery on the mend, this team has a chance to keep moving up.

Now I have the theme song to The Jefferson's stuck in my head.

The Bears received a modest boost from Bleeding Green Nation.

30) Chicago Bears (LW: 32) - Jay Cutler and the Bears are on the board with a win.

Not one of their more elaborate takes on the Bears, but Eagles fans have more pressing concerns these days.

Canal Street Chronicles also moved the Bears out of the cellar.

30. Chicago Bears (1-3, Previously #32) - Bad teams occasionally win home games over good teams, it happens. Jay Cutler occasionally plays like a top 10 NFL quarterback, it also happens. Those things don't happen consistently, though.

Someone at the Denver Broncos' SB Nation site, Mile High Report, actually wrote this.

Jay Cutler picked apart that Jack Del Rio prevent defense for the easy win on Sunday, getting the Chicago Bears off life support for another week. I still think this team is trying to tank its season and John Fox is the perfect guy to lead that charge.

That bold is mine because I wanted to point out just how absurd that last sentence is. First off, tanking? Come on man. And then John Fox, who has quickly turned around two different franchises, is a perfect guy to lead a tanking charge?

Really? only moved the Bears up 1, but they're no longer last!

Props to Robbie Gould, who has made more than his fair share of big kicks for the Bears over the years. (The 2006 divisional-round win over Seattle immediately springs to mind.) The longest-tenured member of the team sealed the deal on a much-needed "W" -- one that came against a Raiders club that is clearly no joke.

And hey, if you are going to rip Jay Cutler on a routine basis, you'd better give him credit when he goes 5 for 8 while driving the team nearly 50 yards in the two-minute drill, setting up Gould for the game-winning boot. (Oh, and that included a bad drop, too.)

Pro Football Talk has it like this...

30. Bears (1-3; No. 32): Suddenly, Jay Cutler doesn't seem like such a horrible option.

Well, that depends on who you ask.

The Shutdown Corner of Yahoo Sports has it like so...

31. Chicago Bears (1-3, LW: 32)

A nice win. There will be other days to wonder if or how that affected their 2016 draft status. But you don't wanna be stuck on zero too long.

While I'd be OK with a high draft pick, I'm not actively rooting for them to get one. Are you?

Chicago is 28th according to Fanspeak.

The Bears picked up their first win and they did get Jay Cutler back, but this team is clearly rebuilding. They've already traded away a few players and it wouldn't be surprising to see them make a few more moves before the trade deadline.

ESPN moved the Bears up 3, to 29th.

Thanks to Robbie Gould's clutch kicking (9-of-9 on FGs this season), the Bears avoided their first 0-4 start since 2000.

Do you guys remember the 2000 season? That was year 2 of the Cade McNown* experience.

What are your thoughts on the Power Rankings this week?

* Thanks Ken!