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Swapping coordinators: Adam Gase for Mike McCoy?

There are lot of if's in this scenario, but more plausible than you might think...

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Three years ago, Mike McCoy was one of the most touted coordinators in the NFL, and had teams lined up to interview him for head coaching gigs. Ultimately, he landed in San Diego, replacing Norv Turner in 2013.

Two and a half seasons into his run, the Chargers are reeling from top to bottom, and many fans are already calling for him to be fired.

Now switch channels for a minute.

When John Fox was hired as head coach in Chicago for this season, he brought with him another highly-touted offensive coordinator-- Adam Gase.  Just like McCoy a few seasons ago, Gase was already turning heads as a potential head coaching candidate even before coming over to the Bears as OC, and many are thinking that Gase will be gone after this season plays out in Chicago.

We've discussed this possibility before, but now even national commentators are assuming Gase will be one and done in Chicago barring an unforeseen turn of events.

So let's sew all of this up-- Mike McCoy has worked for John Fox in Carolina and Denver, and altogether they have about 10 years together as a HC-OC combination.  McCoy saw his greatest success in the league as an offensive coordinator, and if he does indeed get fired in San Diego, it would be hard to imagine him getting hired as a head coach without returning to the coordinator first.

If Adam Gase gets an opportunity as a head coach, it would only seem sensible that John Fox would give Mike McCoy a call, right?

The caveat would be ultimately the timing of everything. What happens if Mike McCoy gets fired during the season? Adam Gase won't likely make a transition until after the season is over, so that would have to be taken into account.

Lots of what-ifs and assumptions, but something worth keeping an eye on.

Stay tuned...