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NFL Power Rankings: The Chicago Bears are making their move!

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Every week we'll peek in around the interwebs to see where the Chicago Bears are ranked in the eyes of the various Power Rankers out there.

For the first time since week five, Chicago Bears fans can talk about a victory.

The Bears have been in all but 2 games this season, but getting the actual W is something the team needed as they try to build a winning culture under the John Fox / Ryan Pace regime.

Before we get into the various power rankings out there, I wanted to take a look at the current 2016 NFL Draft order as done by SB Nation's Dan Kadar. Last week the Bears were slotted in the 8th position, but this week after moving to 3-5, Chicago falls out of the top ten entirely.

If the season were to end today, the Bears would be picking 12th behind these teams.

1. Detroit Lions: 1-7 (.542 strength of schedule)
2. San Diego Chargers: 2-7 (.508 SOS)
3. Cleveland Browns: 2-7 (.530 SOS)
4. Jacksonville Jaguars: 2-6 (.444 SOS)
5. Tennessee Titans: 2-6 (.459 SOS)
6. Baltimore Ravens: 2-6 (.507 SOS)
7. Dallas Cowboys: 2-6 (.539 SOS)
8. San Francisco 49ers: 3-6 (.545 SOS)
9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 3-5 (.448 SOS)
10. Miami Dolphins: 3-5 (.481 SOS)
11. Houston Texans: 3-5 (.485 SOS)
12. Chicago Bears: 3-5 (.500 SOS 0-5 in conference)

The Bears only face three teams in the second half of the season that currently have winning records, so it's possible that Chicago falls even further down (or is it up) the draft order.

But let's take a peek at some of the Power Rankings, starting with SB Nation, who tab the Bears at 25. Revenge Of The Birds has the Bears at 19th, the Mile High Report -- in a no snark version of their Power Rankings -- has the Bears in 28th, and Bleeding Green Nation has the Bears like this,

23) Chicago Bears (LW: 26) - Decent win on the road in San Diego.

Decent is a nice way to say meh.

Canal Street Chronicles, SB Nation's New Orleans Saints site, has it like this,

24. Chicago Bears - (3-5, Previously #28) - The Bears have won 3 of their last 5 to get back into the wildcard picture, thanks to Jay Cutler starting to play a little better. This is a team that won't be doing anything great this year, but in addition to whomever they get in the upcoming draft, they also get WR Kevin White for the first time next year.

Wait a minute, did they just say "get back into the Wildcard picture?"

Well technically the 13th seeded Bears, at 3-5, are only one game behind the 7th seeded St. Louis Rams at 4-4. These two teams face each other this Sunday, so a Bears win could make things interesting in the NFC.

FOX Sports has the Bears up 2, to 23.

Jay Cutler might be playing the best football of his career when you consider the injuries the Bears have suffered along the offensive line, at wide receiver and at running back. In Week 9, he led a game-winning fourth-quarter touchdown drive. View season trend.

The Bears jumped up 7 places according to ESPN, all the way to 21.

The Bears are 3-2 since Jay Cutler returned from injury, and all five games have been decided by a field goal or less. Cutler is 10-6 in those games since 2009.

The USA Today also has the Bears up 7 spots, but according to them, the Bears are #20.

If this is Jay Cutler's final season in Chicago, he'll leave as Bears' all-time leader in TD passes. Sorry, Sid.

Pssst... Cutler will be quarterbacking the Bears in 2016.

Yahoo Sports' Shutdown Corner has it like so,

23. Chicago Bears (3-5, LW: 28)

Jay Cutler passed Sid Luckman for the most touchdown passes thrown in franchise history. Luckman was a great player, but it still says something about the Bears that until Monday night that record was held by someone who last played in 1950. also has the Bears in 23rd.

Monday night marked the fifth game in a row where Jay Cutler balled in the fourth quarter, making clutch throws when his team needed them. And this time, Jeremy Langford played up to the moment, too. Not to quibble, but wondering if Cutler could have taken something off that Nolan Ryan fastball to Zach Miller. Dude stabbed it out of the air like Mike Stanley or (insert any early-'90s spare Rangers catcher here. Geno Petralli?). What a game for the Bears, who have patched together three wins in their past five outings. Sid Luckman is smiling from somewhere in that big NFL title game up in the sky -- where the score is always 73-nothing, good guys.

What are your thoughts on the Power Rankings this week?