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Tom Brady leading in Pro Bowl votes, 3 Chicago Bears are top 10 at their position

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL revealed their top 10 for each position in Pro Bowl voting so far and there were only three Chicago Bears that made the cut.

If you want to stuff the ballot box and get your favorite players more votes, just head over to and, as they say in Chicago, "vote early and vote often."

First off here's the overall top 10, just so you can get an idea just how far the Bears need to climb.

Position - player, team - votes

QB - Tom Brady, New England - 141,750
QB - Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay - 120,242
QB - Andy Dalton, Cincinnati - 114,368
RB - Devonta Freeman, Atlanta - 103,334
TE - Rob Gronkowski, New England - 101,674
QB - Cam Newton, Carolina - 94,810
QB - Carson Palmer, Arizona - 87,838
WR - Julio Jones, Atlanta - 85,034
WR - Odell Beckham, Jr., New York Giants - 80,338
WR - Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona - 77,709

Matt Forte has the most Bears' votes so far (47,153), and that's good enough for 4th among running backs. He trails Atlanta's Freeman, St. Louis Rams rookie Todd Gurley (75,592) and the Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson (69,471)

Martellus Bennett is 9th among tight ends with 10,578 votes and outside linebacker Sam Acho is 9th for the special teams spot with 10,578. Acho is the closest Bear to the top spot as he only trails New England's Matthew Slater by 10,879 votes.