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NFL Week 10: Chicago Bears vs St Louis Rams Pre-Party Open Thread

The Bears push for 4-5 against the Rams, amidst Matt Forte's injury and PED suspensions. But Jeremy Langford, Alshon Jeffery and Jay Cutler are here, and so are we.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. A gameday the week after a satisfying late fourth-quarter win feels so much better, doesn't it?

The difference between 2-6 and 3-5 may well be just one game, but facing a Rams team sitting at 4-4 and coming off an overtime loss to the Vikings, the Bears need all the confidence they can get. Especially facing a team that's controlling running the ball as well as any in the league - the Rams haven't rushed for less than 158 yards in their last five games and only allowed Adrian Peterson's Vikings to run for more than 86 yards in their last four games (145).

In a sport of "the next big thing," Todd Gurley is looking like just that here in the early going.

As for the Navy and Orange, their own "next big thing" gets his second big opportunity as Matt Forte is again expected to miss action, so the call again goes to Jeremy Langford after a very solid (when I say "solid," it ain't a negative, folks...) showing against the Chargers defense. This game becomes the next step there. With Eddie Royal again missing time and Alshon Jeffery listed questionable, Langford and Jay Cutler will have to shoulder a big load offensively to break the Rams defense.

(While typing this, this tweet came up:)

The Bears' defense has stood up tough in recent weeks, but can they improve their 4.6 yards-per-carry against in time to slow down Gurley?

Maybe bringing the Rams down to our level? Let's go.


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Jack asked if football will be fun again. I suggest you read Jack.

Draftwatch is in swing; EJ targets WR prospect Josh Doctson this week.

If you like this method of formatting, please, let me know and I'll organize it as such every week.

Your gameday procedures today are our normal day game procedures (and as the Notes guy, a game ending at 10:30 for a 7 AM turnaround is, uh... yeah). So the first thread goes live at noon, with subsequent quarter threads as the game goes on. If something awesome happens like a passing record or great catch falls, stay tuned for independent callout posts of that, because Dane is a machine. After the game, we'll have a quick recap and the threads for the later games, with Notes coming first thing in the morning.

As always, with all the propers out of the way... Bear Down, my friends.


Today's WCG Sunday Livestream will look at any correlation between a short or absent stream and the number of wins the Bears get, because I believe the Bears have only won after a short stream, a solo stream, or no stream. But we're going two hours today.

So for the next two hours, Sam and I will be taking your questions and comments, breaking down last week's thrilling two and a half quarters of football as well as figuring out why Color Rush uniforms are a thing. There are a few ways you can talk to us: