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Chicago Bears vs St. Louis Rams 2nd Quarter Open Thread

Join us below for live updates and instant analysis of today's Chicago Bears game!

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports


Chicago Bears 10

St. Louis Rams 10


The St. Louis Rams got the ball first to start the game, and marched right down the throat of the Chicago Bears defense, scoring a touchdown in under three minutes.

Jay Cutler connected with tight end Zach Miller on the ensuing Bears possession, scoring an 87-yard touchdown to answer.

And of course, Steve Mariani doing what Steve Mariani does best: taking kickoffs out of the end zone for short runs when he should have taken a knee, and fumbling a punt on a play where he should have called a fair catch.

Mariani will be lucky if he still has a job after this weekend.

What has stood out to you so far, and what are you hoping to see as the game progresses? Will we see the fireworks continue, or will each team slow down a bit and focus more on the ground-and-pound?

This is your Bears vs Rams 2nd Quarter Open Thread... Have fun!