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Thursday Night Football: Jaguars vs Titans Open Thread

Join us inside for your TNF action!

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

A primetime game featuring the Titans and Jaguars-- is this an important game? Maybe not on paper, but for the Jaguars, this is the most important game for them in years.

From Big Cat Country:

That means this Jaguars team is one game out of the division lead and have a chance to match the four-win Colts and Texans against a hapless Titans team led by Mike Mularkey.

And it's been since 2010 that the Jaguars were playing meaningful football this late in the season. That year, the Colts were 6-3 coming into Week 11. The Jaguars were 4-5. But that year, they rattled off four wins in their next five games and put themselves in a position to win the division.

A late-season loss to the Colts derailed any hopes this team had.

But here we are... five years later and we're in a similar position. We trail the Colts by a game or two, we have a chance to get even, and there's a late-season matchup to look forward to in Jacksonville in a few weeks that could very well seal the AFC South's fate.

Marcus Mariota is carrying the Titans' offense on his shoulders, and is doing so without his top two receivers. Sound familiar, Bears fans?

We can expect him to use his mobility a bit more tonight, and the Jaguars will be faced with having to contain him.

On paper, this isn't a sexy game. But it means more to Jacksonville than any game they've played this late in the season in several seasons.

This is your Thursday Night Football Open Thread... Have fun!